Scene 16: The viral society

The way we live is governed by society and media, not by law, it’s totalitarian but we don’t recognize this because it’s masked by materialism and propaganda, the normality of our lives has clouded the devastating reality. We are under pressure daily to cohere with societies so-called rules, certain ways to act, certain materialistic must-haves, certain ways to look, the list is endless and it’s going to worsen over time, even our freedom of speech is whittling away. All the aforementioned exacerbates mental health, it’s just more issues to add to the ever extending list, for some choosing an outfit for example maybe straight forward but a sufferer has more obstacles to overcome in that simple endeavour, mostly pertaining to judgment from peers, even the slightest problem could fuel the idea of not leaving the house.

Media has been a vessel for a collective of attributes that make people “normal”, you have to have this, you can’t say that, you have to look like this, no wonder mental health illnesses are on the rise, society has backed us into a corner without an escape. Bullying is a side effect from a forced society, and it’s getting out of hand especially with the abundance of social media available, everyone is connected and its dangerous, misleading and misinterpretation are only a few words I’d use to describe the ever-growing Goliath that is social media.

The combination of both our society and media acts like a viral infection and has, in my opinion, caused the epic proportions of depression, and anxiety to rise even more, if this is ignored and no one projects their voice in this matter, the question asked isn’t going to be how many people do you know have mental illness?! It’ll be how many people do you know who’ve taken their life.

Again thanks for reading, I’m still unsure if this blog is helping but regardless I’ll keep writing and won’t give up, even if it helps one person it’s still worth it. Please keep viewing, following and more importantly, SHARING, the more people who read these posts, the more it can be shared. I’m still looking for sponsorship/funding and help with advertising, social media does have it’s benefits but only to a certain extent. As always it’s not just about helping people, it’s about saving them.

Over and out guys!

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