Scene 14: A fathers legacy

I’d like to think I’ve led a productive and fulfilling life so far, even against the odds and the harrowing effect depression has had on me, I think I’ve done pretty well so far and believe me that’s difficult for me to say. I’m not perfect, no one is and I’ve done a few things in the past that I’m not proud of but that doesn’t make me a dreadful person, that’s only my opinion and I’m sure some people might disagree. Unfortunately, a by-product of some mental health conditions is either consciously or subconsciously we burden ourselves with what other people’s opinions are of us. I myself used to fear what the social masses used to conceive of me, but now it’s the complete opposite, now I understand that everyone has their own personal demons to fight, so why would they even give me a second thought. Don’t worry I’m not that arrogant, that I don’t value the impressions of me from the people I know and care for, I meant in a generic sense.

One person, I do care about what they think of me is my beautiful daughter, but really which father or mother wouldn’t?! It’s the purity of it all, our children don’t understand or fathom how pestilent this world can be or distinguish our illnesses and disorders. The way I described depression to my daughter was “daddy’s sore head”, because why would I terrify her with the truth, knowing that her hero, protector, the one she loves the most in her world was on the brink of leaving her and this mortal plane. Obviously, the love of my little angel was the light in the dark void that saved me from myself and I’ll always be eternally grateful for that. However, I know that not everyone has a beacon of hope, and I can unequivocally sympathize with that, it’s grasping that hope when you see it that’s the hard part but it is possible.

A legacy is subjective to any individual, it doesn’t need to be an empire, extreme wealth or anything materialistic. Mine was and always will be my little girl, if I haven’t made any impact on anything in my existence I can always say I’ve been a devoted, loving father and to me, that’s more important and comprehensive than any wealth, it’s priceless. Your legacy can be a choice to slay a sickness, fight demons or find your way through the darkest day, leave something behind that you’re proud of, something to be remembered. Don’t ever give up on yourself, you’re worth more than you can imagine even if you don’t feel it, just think, like my daughter you’re someone’s legacy.

Thanks for reading once again, I hope these posts are helping because I have many more to come. Please follow my blog and share it on social media, reach as many people as you can, I’m trying my best to make a difference. If you know of anyone that would like to sponsor or partially find this blog please email me.

It’s been a pleasure once again, over and out.

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