Scene 13: Unlucky for some

Evening all, so tonight’s scene is the idea of luck. I’m not a believer myself but many people are, I believe more in cause, causality and Murphy’s law. Luck is more of blame than anything else if you’re having a particularly heinous day, some characters would say it’s bad luck, but in my opinion, it’s flared by your emotions and mindset on that particular day that is the cause. So Murphy’s law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, this vague and vast concept applies to anything and everything but the plausibility is logical, in a way it’s a theory tested terminology for luck. If you think about it, depending on how your feeling will always premeditate your surroundings and other people, unfortunately for mental health sufferers this is a 24/7 undertaking.

I’m not saying don’t believe in luck as always this is my personal opinion, logic takes over from fantasy for me in most cases. Obviously, people with depression would think otherwise, going through the monotony of life with the understanding and outlook that every second is unlucky, and the world is against them. Take me for example, I built this idea that whatever I did I would pay for later in life so at that point I didn’t care about anything or the consequences of my actions. I think subconsciously I created this blog to atone for my past in a selfish way, however, this effort, and my experience has helped me create something positive for the mental illness population.

This blog should’ve been prescribed to the public many years ago but I had no motivation and the thought of rejection terrified me, procrastination is a common theme and viral amongst the unsound mind. If there’s a lesson to be publicised its don’t wait, project yourself, find who you really are and show your strength. Trust me once you get the momentum behind you there’s no stopping you, that’s why I’ll never give up on this blog or you.

Live long and prosper – Mr Spock,

Until next time, over and out.

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