Scene 11: Believe in Something

I guess this had to be brought up sooner or later but this is the whole point of this blog, giving my views and helping others regardless of the content. I’m a believer in faith, not in a religious sense, I believe in people. The human race does have its flaws but it’s capacity for love as an entity outweighs any hatred or negativity, and drawing from this idea gives me hope for the future. It’s an imperfect world we live in but it’s the only one we have and we can argue about political and religious views until the end of time but opinions will never change and life does go on, time won’t stop for us regardless of who we are and what we believe in. The way I look at it, we all have an introduction and end scene but it’s up to you to fill the rest in with horror or delight. Right now you’re saying but it’s not that easy, and you’d be right it’s not. Mental health illnesses and many others can prohibit certain aspects of life but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good life.

This is why I have hope and believe in mankind, there are people like myself promoting mental health awareness all over the world, giving advice and views on the subject, the help is there, I’m here for you and I have to reiterate the fact that you’re not alone, you never have been, even though it may seem that way. I could scribe pages and pages on the why’s and what if’s in this subject but it’s a matter of perspective and bias of the individual, I can only provide my insight and the methods that have worked for me, but it’s you that has to find your own techniques and design, you just need a little push and motivation. I will continue to help and give you my inclinations and musings as a catalyst to keep you going or at least keep you entertained.

I want to ask a favour from you the readers, I will be conducting a little experiment called “MHA Blogshare”, basically it’s not one person’s blog it’s everyone’s. You can write how you’re feeling, give your own opinions on coping methods or triggers, anything to contribute or entails mental health awareness. If you are interested send me your email address and we can get started asap!

I’d also like to thank a gentleman named Stuart Young from Linkedin, he has been extremely helpful in getting my new website up and running as a kind donation. I will update you with timescales in accordance with the website which will be aptly named

Thanks again over and out..

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