Scene 10: My Mask

Everyone reading this post will either have a mental health issue or know someone who does, it’s that reason alone that I’m trying to help. I think it’s become like a plague on the world, unseen, unheard but it’s there right in front of us, eating away at society and ruining lives. Personally when I had depression, well I say “had” lightly, it’ll always be waiting on the outskirts, scratching at the walls of my mind looking for an opportunity to pounce! When my mentality was deteriorating more prominently I hid my emotions and thoughts very well, my mask was a smile but inside I was crying for help, begging for some relief from my own mind and praying for five minutes of solace. Many people just become accustomed to their mask and it’s part of who they are, fearful of the day when the mask slides off and shows the wounded individual behind it. So, in essence, it’s a shield or protective barrier either holding in the turmoil or deflecting love, affection, hope and everything else positive that can eventually lead to more agony and being completely oblivious to understanding why.

It’s okay to ask for help! The people around you won’t push you away or say no, although there are small minded people in existence who do need educating on certain aspects of mental illnesses, but that’s for another post. Reaching out to someone is the first step and the most important one in my opinion because it’s the acknowledgement of you being aware of the issue and you don’t want to continue in the same vein. I knew I had problems but as a logical guy I assumed I’d be able to manage on my own and work them out by myself, it was my fault so I felt like I had to rectify my issues alone. This was never the case for me or anyone, these illnesses are to blame not the individual, it’s a “sickness” among other labels attached to mental health.

We are not worthless, we are not erroneous, we are strong and caring, full of love and passion, but we are blinded to these attributes every day, however, we will prevail when we are ready. I have faith in people, so I ask you to have faith in yourselves, stand up and be heard, ask for help, you don’t need to die inside every waking second, give yourself a chance at a life of happiness and joy. YOU ALL DESERVE IT!

So that’s my tenth post now, sorry it’s late but life gets in the way sometimes. I’d like to say thanks to an anonymous sponsor, they know who they are, so thanks for the donation it will be used to further this concept to a wider audience and utilise the accessibility of an actual website which will give aid to mental health awareness.

Until next time, over and out!

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