Scene 9: Haunted Past

Having an infamous past doesn’t define who you are, it’s more of a guideline for your future, the term learn from your mistakes comes to mind, but that’s not always the case. We’ve all done something in the past we’re not particularly proud of but I wouldn’t say I regret anything, regrets are more like baggage representing negativity that we don’t need in concurring our mental Illnesses. Now I’m not saying don’t feel bad about what you’ve done, just don’t carry it around with you every day, these past wrongdoings are irrelevant right now and we can’t change them, you have to forgive yourself. I get that some people need clarity or closure depending on how malice or sinister your past events were but that’s a burden you can’t afford and as selfish as it may seem you need to concentrate on yourself.

Most mental health disorders are in retrospect, selfish illnesses but that’s not to say the individual is. In my experience I was acting like a prepubescent child, doing what I wanted and paid no regards to the consequences even if it meant hurting the people close to me. I admit I’ve hurt a lot of genuinely nice folk including my kin, and at the time didn’t really care, so I’ve had to forgive myself now and label these actions as disappointments rather than regrets. Once you get through the misty maze of your illness and back into the light, don’t expect forgiveness straight away and don’t use the “but I was ill” card, people need time to heal, even if you’ve changed your life around. None of this is going to be easy, it’s like cancer, it spreads into your life and others around you and once you’re in remission, there’s always the fear that it’ll come back.

Don’t you just love the “Time heals all” cliche?! Annoyingly it’s the truth, it’s just our mind and body heal in different time scales. A cut or graze heals quicker than the mind’s capacity to forget an ex or completely stop loving someone, if only it was that easy. If your past haunts you still, use the future as a beacon of hope, strive for something, follow on an idea you’ve had, be creative or join a gym, there are countless options out there to utilise and the only person who is stopping you is YOU!!!

As always folks it’s been fun sharing, keep viewing and keep following.

Over and out.

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