Scene 6: Alone in a crowd

Have you ever been out in a busy area either by yourself or with friends and felt totally isolated and alone? Well I have, that feeling of judgement and paranoia rears it’s ugly head and grips the mind like an alligators bite. Having the suggestion proposed by the paranoia that all eyes are on you will give anyone an aim to run back home in fear. Alas, there are a few techniques I’ve used in the past to conquer these obstacles preventing a thriving social life.

I find that music drowns out most of the negativity surrounding the ego especially if you’re in a crowd. So if you’re a swing or heavy metal lover, get the headphones out and turn on Spotify. Obviously, if you’re out with friends you may want to warn them that you’re not being ignorant you’re just helping yourself. That being said as much as it might be difficult to strike up a conversation it’s imperative that you try, talking to not only friends but strangers can benefit you even if it’s just random pointless small talk, conversing is a distraction and keeps the mind busy.

Now I get that these seem like obvious points to make, but most mental health illnesses promote procrastination and will make the things that some people find easy to do like a daily routine a lot more difficult.

If you’ve noticed a donation button on here it’s basically a request for support to keep this blog ongoing if you can help out it would be very much appreciated but regardless I will endeavour to keep posting help and information as much as humanly possible.

I’ll have another post up later tonight. Be good to yourself and take care. Over and out!

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