Scene 2: Pop tarts

Is it just me or are most of the songs in the charts about adultery, cheating and exes?! I mean I’ve cheated at Monopoly before but I don’t go singing about it. Remember the days when the creation of a song involved love and nostalgia, you can’t beat the oldies rock and roll or even country music. Music should make you feel relaxed or at least heartwarming, not make you want to kill an ex-boyfriend or husband but I guess it’s each to their own. This isn’t a complaint, by the way, I admire people that have the ability to sing and use lyrics to tell a story about themselves and any other subject matter, take Sam Smith, for example, he writes his best music after every relationship ends, so he should be pretty knowledgeable by now! God, I love that man.

I suppose at the end of the day it’s “Art” according to most people regardless of the content, and to be honest do people really listen to the lyrics nowadays?! Knowing the chorus of a song doesn’t mean you know the rest of it and humming throughout the tune makes it worse for yourself. Oh yeah!! and if you can’t sing you shouldn’t sing even if your gran tells you, you can, logic should take over to remind you that the elderly’s hearing fades faster, becoming suggestible to ridiculous attempts at epic failing vocal attempts.

So right now you’re thinking what the hell am I talking about?! The truth is I have no clue, as I said in my first post I’d talk about whatever crosses my grey matter pathways.

Okay, folks see you in Scene 3…

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