Scene 1: In the beginning I created this..

Good evening fellow people of the earth, this is my first of many posts on my new blog “Lifes2wee”. I will be covering a number of issues pertaining to mental health and giving my views and experiences on the matter, I will also be projecting my daily musings on pretty much anything that stumbles through my mind.

I will try to stay away from political and religious views however where is the fun in that, considering a blog is associated with the freedom of speech and who doesn’t enjoy an enthralling debate?!

Having had mental health issues in the past doesn’t make me an expert on the condition but I can share my past nightmares and the agony I endured. As we all know there are several types of conditions under the umbrella of Mental Health, but they are all connected on some level, so I will through the coming weeks try to introduce some possible strategies in dealing with them and provide my insight into at least cope with your mental health. Please note I am not a professional and the following blogs are my opinions alone, if I can help a few people in the process then it won’t be in vain.

For me, this will be an interesting experience especially if you guys get involved if you feel like you want to share your thoughts, feel free to contact me. There is no judgement on here and you have nothing to be afraid of, from this blog I want to show people that having depression or personality disorders and various other illnesses is not the end of the world and doesn’t make us inhuman, we’re a miss-understood part of society and we are scared to have a voice. I don’t know about you but taking medication is not my idea of an answer, relying on tablets is not something I want to do for the rest of my life, don’t get me wrong for some cases medication is paramount to daily life.

Anyway, I’m rambling on here, I need to save my thoughts for next time. Don’t worry I know this blog might sound “depressing” but this will not be the case, I guarantee it.

Lifes2wee folks, make it work and be happy…

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